Amazon launches a $15 Echo Flex USB clock attachment

Joanna Estrada
August 9, 2020

Amazon is giving its Echo Flex a new attachment - a very tin smart clock that can be plugged in, right into the USB port. The entire look is very modular, a snap-in-place look that's designed for small spaces.

You can set timers by saying "Alexa, set a 12-minute timer" and adjust brightness by saying "Alexa, set My Clock brightness to 50 percent", for example.

The main downside is that the Echo Flex only supports a single accessory at once, so if you've already taken advantage of using your device as a nightlight or motion sensor, you won't be able to plug in the clock, too.

One of the things that people may like about the Echo Flex, aside from the fact it's a miniature Echo that plugs into the wall, is that there are attachments that can plug into it and offer a bit more functionality.

You can purchase the Smart Clock for $19.99 CAD on Amazon. At only £25 itself, the Flex is an low-cost way to bring the Alexa assistant to any plug socket on the cheap.

Amazon typically has its Amazon Prime day in July, which would have been held last month. It's now available for pre-order over in the USA, where it will cost $15 (£11.50, more or less) and is set for release on the 11th August.

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