Blizzard employees share salary details amid uproar over pay disparity

Marco Green
August 6, 2020

Results of the effort, a rare example of labor organizing in the video game industry, are expected to be presented to management as early as this week, people familiar with the initiative said.

Blizzard Leisure workforce have made a spreadsheet to share their salaries and pay bumps adhering to the implementation of a organization examine into honest shell out, according to a Bloomberg report.

According to the news outlet, a survey from 2019 showed that more than half of the company employees are not satisfied and happy with their compensation.

Employees at Blizzard Entertainment are reportedly sharing their salaries and pay increases, in a bid to make their growing dissatisfaction with the disparity in wages at the company known.

"Our goal has always been to ensure we compensate our employees fairly and competitively", said Activision Blizzard's Jessica Taylor in a statement.

There was also one long-time employee who claimed to have received less than $0.50 raise an hour and that they were unable to earn more given that there are fewer overtime hours.

As noted by Bloomberg, before the increase, some of the employees, like testers and customer-service representatives, were paid minimum wages despite the consistent growth of the company's revenue. The document remains anonymous and was reviewed by Bloomberg News. While some employees barely make ends meet and have to skip meals, executives receive millions in compensation.

This follows massive layoffs at the company in 2019, where hundreds of employees lost their jobs and executives expected those who remained to pick up their past colleagues' work for little to no additional pay.

Meanwhile, the company's year-over-year revenue has grown, and its CEO Bobby Kotick enjoyed compensation in the $40 million range, while its new chief financial officer was awarded $15 million through stocks and a sign-on bonus. Several employees expressed disappointment to Bloomberg that the internal debate in the last week over compensation was not addressed with investors.

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