GMC Hummer EV previewed ahead of autumn reveal

Joanna Estrada
August 1, 2020

When GM announced it was bringing Hummer back as a new all-electric crossover and pickup truck brand, we were all left to wonder if the truck would go for utility or aesthetics. As a result, electric cars stand out.

The film shows a seven-bar backlit grille, with the word "Hummer" projected between the headlights. Along with the silhouette, a few key features of this highly-anticipated electric pickup truck.

The main announcement for Hummer today was that the new plan is for production to begin in fall of next year, so over a year away, after the reveal date was pushed from May to "later this fall". The general silhouette of the vehicle indicates that it stays true to the original Hummer's boxy lines. The new electric pickup also manages to attract great attention. The teaser trailer stars basketball superstar James LeBron. That grille will front a pickup truck packing as much as 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 pound-feet of torque (measured as wheel torque), or enough for 0-60 miles per hour acceleration in 3.0 seconds. We hope that both vehicles come in at a reasonable price, get made on schedule, and deliver on lofty stated stats and features.

When Will We Get The New Hummer EV Vehicles? As it turns out, the model will not be restricted to the pickup truck body style. It added: "Even as we work to help flatten the curve, our mission to build the first ever GMC Hummer EV remains the same".

The EV will also feature an "Adrenaline Mode" which can be expected to offer similar performance-enhancing functionality to Tesla's "Ludicrous Mode", and a "Crab Mode" which will likely involve some sort of extreme four-wheel steering. Thanks to the company's new Ultium batteries, the vehicles will have a range of 644 kilometers in the top segment.

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