Amazon's newest smart device - the Dash Cart

Joanna Estrada
July 14, 2020

Amazon provided a better glimpse at what the shopping experience at its first supermarket will be like with the unveiling of the Amazon Dash Cart- a smart shopping cart that can discover which items you put in it. Amazon's vice president of physical retail and technology, Dilip Kumar, said the full-size supermarket offers a "massive catalog of products".

The company has opened more than two dozen Amazon Go stores equipped with its "Just Walk Out" technology, including a Seattle grocery store that debuted in February.

Once you have all your groceries (or the bags are full), the cart simply needs to be wheeled through the Dash Cart lane. Still, the Dash Cart has more technology involved than exclusively relying on wall-mounted cameras. It will be deployed at one of Amazon's first true grocery stores - which means it won't be Whole Foods or Go store - in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles later this year.

The idea with Dash Carts is to reduce waiting times and improve the checkout process at grocery stores and supermarkets.

As disclosed by the e-commerce giants, this smart cart makes use of cameras, sensors to naturally identify what customers drop in. "The experience will be created to be seamless, very convenient, very easy for customers to understand". Amazon has approximately 25 such stores with no cashiers. They are the latest effort by Amazon - run by billionaire Jeff Bezos - to streamline shopping, a campaign that has ruffled union feathers.

The cart can tell which items you place in it and allows you to skip the checkout line by automatically charging your Amazon account when you exit.

In addition, Dash Carts are embedded with all the technology to make the working experience a breeze, but with the exception of the exhibit - feel iPad - they look just like any other common buying cart. However, these shopping carts do not lean on an array of cameras dotted around a store. Amazon suggests it is a product of the company's future new chain of grocery stores, predicted to open up later this 12 months.

To use Dash Carts, you must have an Amazon account and a smartphone. They'll get a receipt via email after they leave. Customers scan a QR code in the Amazon app upon entering the store, which signs them into the cart and loads the Alexa shopping lists. The cart will beep when the product is correctly identified or flash orange if it needs to be re-added.

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