Valve canceled Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3 according to new documentary

Joanna Estrada
July 11, 2020

Within the story, Keighley reveals that at least 5 Half-Life games (not all of which are mentioned specifcially in the text) were cancelled between Episode 2 and Alyx, along with a number of other projects - the most notable being a project officially referred to within Valve as Half-Life 3. Another Left 4 Dead project - codenamed Hot Dog - was also dropped alongside a fantasy RPG project (called RPG), a voxel-based game called A.R.T.I., and SimTrek which was a VR game in development by part of the Kerbal Space Program team. But, just like Half-Life 3, Valve gave up on the third Left 4 Dead because Source 2 wasn't far enough along. The zombie shooter would've been quite ambitious and had an open-world focus set in the sandy environs of Morocco.

Valve developer Robin Walker said to Keighley, "We sort of had to collectively admit we were wrong on the premise that you will be happiest if you work on something you personally want to work on the most".

"We are absolutely not working on anything L4D related now, and haven't for years", Valve told IGN at the time. Back in 2014, we shared the first WIP screenshot from Left 4 Dead 3. Since creating a whole new game in the series 13 years after the release of the last franchise entry, the ice has broken for Valve's developers. The engine simply couldn't handle what the team was trying to do. Final Hours is an interactive storybook, in which Keighley has detailed all the cancelled games from Valve. It was created in the (incomplete) Source 2 engine and featured gameplay inspired by Left 4 Dead. This latest interactive documentary has a bunch of information on the development of Half-Life: Alyx, but that's not all - we also learn a bit about Half-Life 3. Half-Life 2's rocky dev cycle taught Valve how to not approach making a new game from scratch. Valve started developing three projects alongside Source 2.

Once Source 2 was in good shape through tons of iteration, they released Half-Life: Alyx. And that's where we are today. "A huge amount of tech was needed, and we honestly didn't get very far".

If you fancy checking out the documentary it's up for sale now on Steam for £7.19/$9.99.

Shooter: A Half-Life themed VR shooter that would have been a part of The Lab, Valve's VR showcase. Half-Life: Alyx was initially conceived to launch alongside Vader.

Much of the 50 percent-Existence: Alyx group is hoping the company will produce a complete-scale 50 percent-Everyday living recreation for additional common platforms, but some are not sure Valve has the measurement and scale of personnel for such a venture.

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