'Ready Player One' Will Get a Sequel Novel This Year

Joanna Estrada
July 10, 2020

Almost a decade after the first book was published, Ernest Cline fans are now just a few months away from finally getting their hands on the Ready Player One sequel.

Ballantine Books announced the November publication date for Ready Player Two on Wednesday, with pre-orders beginning today. Now that we've reached the saturation point for '80s nostalgia, I wonder if people will realize that Cline's writing just isn't that good - especially if he's exhausted all the '80s references he could make with the first book.

Instead, of course, it's the book sequel to 2011's bestseller Ready Player One, about a nerdy teen named Wade Watts who escapes his dystopian reality by spending most of his time in a virtual world called the Oasis. With little excitement in the outside world, much of humanity logs into Oasis, a virtual reality world created by the 1980s-obsessed genius James Halliday. That does look to have been continued as the Ready Player Two cover does have what it appears to be a reference to Pitfall (1982) a classic Activision title.

The cast and crew of Ready Player One
The cast and crew of Ready Player One

Cline adapted his debut novel into the Warner Bros.' Steven Spielberg-directed film Ready Player One. Cline had previously confirmed in 2017 that he was working on the novel. But it could end up being more of the same thing - and I think a lot of us are exhausted of that.

Ready Player Two will be published by Penguin Random House UK on November 24 and will initially be available in hardcover book, eBook and audiobook formats, with Waterstones now offering a hardback signed edition for £20.

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