PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update patch notes revealed

Joanna Estrada
July 7, 2020

The update, which should roll out without any server downtime, will add a new Nordic-themed map called Livik, containing mountains, hot springs, volcanoes, and other characteristic features of that geographical region. You can check out our first impressions of Livik for a more detailed look at the map.

The update will require around two GB of storage space for Android and iOS devices.

Even though the update goes live tomorrow, the Season 14 Royale Pass, "Spark the Flame", is only expected to arrive July 14th. It has instead started pushing out updates from today.

The theme of the pass will become available with the 0.19.0 update in Classic Mode's Miramar and Erangel, though, adding statues that can be burned down to give certain bonuses. As usual, players on different version of the game will not be able to play together. It's the smallest map, measuring 2km x 2km, with 52 players and 15 minute match times.

This map comes with exclusive firearms including P90 SMG, Mk 12 marksman rifle. Livik is however still in beta stage and updates to improve it will keep rolling out. There is also a new vehicle - Monster Truck exclusive to Livik. Also, there is a new 7-day Unranked Classic mode which is said to be a warmup for the upcoming Season 14 with a note that says, 'Complete the mission to get ranking points for the next season'. Players have a chance to enter this mode after selecting these maps. The RageGear and Payload modes, on the other hand, will only be available on the weekends, while Bluehole will be removed.

After weeks of teasing a new map, Tencent is all set to release PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 on Tuesday, July 7. Brothers in Arms has improvements as well.

The new update is now available for download. Players can now also go head-to-head with the new quick draw duel and participate in the Elite Challenge of marksmanship. The game will now notify when a teammate fails to fire the flare gun. There is also a new map called Library which is an indoor map with three assault routes.

The Ancient Secret mode, a video of which leaked earlier, will be coming to PUBG Mobile's Erangel and Miramar maps and can be activated from the settings on the mode selection screen.

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