Mary Trump's Tell-All Dropping Early Due to 'Overwhelming' Demand

Lawrence Kim
July 7, 2020

Donald Trump's niece will release her unflattering book on the U.S. president on July 14, her publisher announced on July 6, 2020, after a judge lifted a temporary ban on publication. The publisher has already printed 75,000 copies of the book, according to court filings. His daughter, Mary Trump, now writes that Donald Trump's character was formed by watching the traumas inflicted on and suffered by his older brother.

According to the New York Times, Mary Trump also "asserts that her uncle has all nine clinical criteria for being a narcissist".

According to Trump's niece, who had reportedly severed all ties with her father's side of the family following financial battles and disagreements over inheritance, the relationship between the future U.S. president and her father was "strange and harmful".

"Due to high demand and extraordinary interest in this book, "Too Much and Never Enough" by Mary L. Trump will now be published on July 14, 2020", Simon & Schuster said in a statement.

The book reportedly sheds a negative light on Donald Trump and his family.

Simon & Schuster also published the back cover of the book for the first time on Monday.

In late June, a judge refused to block the release of Bolton's book, titled "The Room Where It Happened", saying it was too late for the restraining order sought by the Trump administration.

It is not yet clear whether Mary Trump has the right to help publicly promote her book, at least until a judge in Poughkeepsie (New York) rules.

Harder, Robert Trump's lawyer, has argued that the case is not about freedom of speech but is instead focused on breach of a 2001 confidentiality agreement.

"But he hated it even more then, after being taken to task, Freddy apologized", Mary Trump wrote, alleging that Fred senior "would mock him" and "wanted his oldest son to be a 'killer'".

In an affidavit filed last week, Mary claimed she relied on "false valuations" from the rest of her family to determine the amount she got from Fred Sr's will.

Moreover, her uncles and aunt have been talking in public about the family for years without seeking her permission.

"Too Much and Never Enough" is now the top-selling pre-order book on Amazon.

On CNN Thursday, he said the settlement agreement silencing Mary is null and void because it was the product of fraud.

"President Trump and his family didn't disclose the truth about the assets that were involved in the agreement", he said.

A request for comment from Insider was not immediately returned by Wharton.

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