In Terrifying Encounter, Man Fights Off Deadly Snake While Driving

Elias Hubbard
July 8, 2020

The 27-year-old man, called Jimmy, was driving along a regional Queensland highway when he spotted a brown snake slithering up his leg.

"A brown snake or a tiger snake is in the back of the ute (truck), I think it has bitten me, it was in the auto with me", Jimmy can be heard saying as the officer pulled up, in a video released by police Tuesday.

However, he was pulled over by the Queensland Police Service for driving at 123 kilometres per hour.

"It started to wrap around me and then its head just starting striking at the chair", he said. "Fearing he had already been bitten and his life was in danger, Jimmy believed he had no other option but to kill the snake and take it with him to hospital", said Queensland Police in its press release.

When police officers spotted his vehicle doing 123 kilometers per hour and pulled him over, the man explained the situation to them, asking them to "feel" his heart.

"A brown snake or tiger snake is in the back of the ute", he says. "I freaked out, emptied 2 cans of flyspray into the auto and didn't touch it for a week". "It was in the vehicle with me".

They ask where Jimmy is travelling from, to which he responds Biloela. The officers seem skeptical of his claim.

"You can feel my heart, mate", he says.

Jimmy ultimately pulled over, killed the snake with his knife then tossed it in back.

A man in Australia was recently pulled over for speeding on the highway, but cops soon realised he had a legitimate reason for doing so - he had just fought off one of the world's deadliest snakes and was rushing to the hospital.

"It was pretty terrifying, I've never been so happy to see red and blue lights", Jimmy said in the video.

Brown snakes are known as one of the most venomous snakes in the world and are the leading cause of snake bite deaths in Australia.

He was in a panic, believing he had been bitten by the poisonous eastern brown snake as it struck toward him and also bit the seat between his legs. They added that the snakes are protected under Queensland law, but this was a "particularly unique situation".

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