Trump can't 'run around to every local community' to enforce wearing masks

Marco Green
July 4, 2020

Trump has so far refused to wear a mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"Absolutely not. I think we've had a very careful plan working with the states - this is primarily the states responsibility".

"I think we are going to be very good with the coronavirus", the United States president said. However, on Thursday, the President, it seems, has had a change of mind when he, for the first time, endorsed the use of a face mask, saying that it (mask) makes him look like a Lone Ranger - and he likes it. Masks not mandatory: USA govt, health agencyIn the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, the USA government and other health agencies in the country were not in favour of mandating the use of face masks for the public. Trump contradicted that viewpoint weeks ago during a Fox Business interview, when he said he believes the virus is "going to sort of just disappear" - echoing similar sentiments he had at the beginning of the crisis in March.

Yet, Trump has faced criticism for refusing to wear a mask, whether at the White House where officials and aides are tested regularly, or in public settings.

U.S. President Donald Trump at a press briefing on Thursday celebrated a government report showing the country gained 4.8 million jobs and the unemployment rate dropped to 11.1 per cent last month, even as coronavirus cases surge across the country. "I think wearing a face mask as I greet presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens, I don't know somehow I don't see it for myself". At the centre of the debate has been President Trump's reluctance to wear a face mask.

Trump's refusal to wear a mask likely played a role in politicizing preventative measures.

In early April, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended people wear cloth face coverings in public settings where other physical distancing measures were hard to maintain.

Mr Trump immediatelyundercut the CDC guidance by flatly stating that he would not follow it.

On Wednesday, he sounded a different tone, saying: "I had a mask on".

On Wednesday, the same day Conway talked to reporters, Trump said he was open to wearing a mask in close confines, but didn't think a nationwide mask mandate was necessary.

"I sort of liked the way I looked. OK". "If people feel good about it they should do it", he said. A reference to the fictional law-and-order character from the American Old West who wore a black eye mask.

In Wednesday's interview, Mr Trump suggested a federal mandate was unnecessary and continued to frame mask wearing as a matter of choice.

On the latest spike in figures, leading USA infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci warned that country risks a greater outbreak of coronavirus after it failed to lockdown as effectively as countries like the UK.

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci.

'Somehow we want the president of the United States to run around to every local community, ' she said.

Comparing the U.S. with Europe, where nearly complete lockdown was achieved, he added: 'In the United States, even in the most strict lockdown, only about 50 per cent of the country was locked down.

'That allowed the perpetuation of the outbreak that we never did get under very good control'.

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