Turkey supports Palestine's united front against Israel

Elias Hubbard
July 3, 2020

The Moroccan diplomat honed in on Morocco's "total attachment" to peace and declared that the use of dialogue remains the only viable solution to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and allow the Palestinian people to fulfill their right to establish a sovereign nation.

The Annexation plan - set to commence July 1 - has been delayed pending further talks.

Australia has joined a chorus of worldwide criticism about Israel's plans to annex parts of the West Bank, urging a return to "direct and genuine negotiations" towards a peace agreement.

Johnson, in his article for the mass market daily Yedioth Ahronoth, emphasised his warm feelings for Israel, referencing the time he had spent working on a kibbutz as an 18-year-old, and he described his "sadness" in following the debate over annexation.

"I am fearful that these proposals will fail in their objective of securing Israel's borders and will be contrary to Israel's own long-term interests".

During a virtual meeting attended by United Nations representatives, academics, and politicians from around the world, the ambassador stressed Morocco's opposition to Israel's unilateral measures and plans to annex the occupied territories. "If it does, the United Kingdom will not recognise any changes to the 1967 lines, except those agreed between both parties", he added.

Israel's defence minister and alternate prime minister Benny Gantz has said annexation must wait until the coronavirus crisis has been contained, amid a sharp spike in new Israeli and Palestinian cases.

But the ethnically mixed community is also regarded as illegal by much of the worldwide community, as it is built on land gained by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War.

Netanyahu has defended his annexation plan on both security and religious grounds and says the friendly Trump administration has provided a rare opportunity to redraw Israel's borders.

The proposals created a path for Israel to annex roughly 30 percent of the West Bank, while negotiating the creation of a Palestinian state, with a capital outside of Jerusalem.

Randi Skurka, acting CEO for StandWithUs Canada - a charitable group dedicated to informing the public about Israel and to combating anti-Semitism-said they plan to have trucks at the Toronto-area events to fight back against the "vicious anti-Israel hate" and agenda of these hate groups to end Israel's existence.

However, uncertainty surrounds Netanyahu's position in light of widespread global rejection of the plan along with differences with the USA administration on its application.

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