Massive Brawl Erupts in US Bar Over Social Distancing Guidelines

Elias Hubbard
July 3, 2020

When she told them to practice social distancing, they began harassing her.

However, not only is it hard to keep your distance in some establishments, but it is also a two-way street with other members of the public.

The Saltgrass Steak House in Little Rock, Arkansas, was the scene of a fight caught on camera this weekend.

Here's your scorecard ... based on the police report, obtained by 360aproko: the black woman claims the white guy (in the U.S. shirt) and his friends were not staying 6-feet away from her ... and when she expressed her frustration, they started harassing her.

According to a police report from the Little Rock Police Department, a woman wearing a face mask told two other patrons - who were not wearing masks - that they were too close for comfort.

The video shows one diner in the bar appearing to intervene in the argument by smashing a bottle over the head of one of the men arguing with the woman.

At the:28 second mark in the Twitter video, you can see the man approach and start yelling at the woman in the mask.

An employee said in a police report seen by KARK 4 News that the woman purposely coughed on the customers after telling them they were too close.

You can see her - the complaining someone else had coughed on her.

According to the outlet, no one involved in the fight has yet filed any charges, the county prosecutor said.

In response to the footage, Twitter users have been critical over everybody involved.

One person tweeted: "If you're that particular about social distancing, maybe stay out of places where people drink".

Cellphone footage exhibits a girl seated on the bar space inform two males "you're imagined to be six ft away from me", earlier than the melee exploded. What gave flag shirt dude the right to curse her and charge her? "A headache and stitches!"

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