Acquire a New Skill Framework with Cisco 200-301 Exam through Practice Tests

Elias Hubbard
July 3, 2020


Cisco certified specialists are considered to be mavens of their operational areas and are welcomed by the companies with open arms. It’s all because of the updated and in-demand knowledge that Cisco instills in the IT specialists via its badges. Continuing the same legacy, this vendor has refreshed its Exam-Labs Cisco Certifications Exams badge recently. The new changes are made to see the current demands of the real-time IT industry. With the whole new CCNA, you’re also going to acquire some new skills. If you have plans to pursue this credential in the near future, knowing about them will help you comprehend their viability in the contemporary and forthcoming era. As part of our service to you, we have come up with a quick rundown of those new-fangled skills, which you can acquire and master with the help of updated & trustworthy practice tests from reliable providers. But, before that, let us through some light on the pattern of the Cisco 200-301 test.


The Nuts and Bolts of Renewed Cisco 200-301 Assessment

Along with the topics and skills, the exam profile of the CCNA 200-301 test has also changed. However, this transformation is nothing less than a blessing for the CCNA aspirants. Earlier, a candidate has to pass two different tests to earn CCNA credentials of different specializations. But, now only one exam with code Cloud Certifications is enough. The Cisco 200-301 assessment is 120-minute long and contains around 100+ questions (roughly, as Cisco hasn’t revealed the total number of questions officially). All these questions are multiple-choice, drag and drop, and performance-based.


New Skills That You Are Going to Learn with New Cisco 200-301 Exam

As per the recent changes, the vendor is going to train you in below mentioned new skills in each domain. So, let’s see what these changes are in particular:

       Network Fundamentals

Most of the content under this domain is untouched. The reason being so is that no matter how persistently network concepts and components change, the fundamental remains the same. However, you’re going to learn more about L3 switches in the recently updated CCNA. Along with this, you will be able to gain hands-on experience on such skills like Next-generation firewalls and Certifications IT Exams , Spine-leaf, Controllers (Cisco DNA Center and WLC), Small office/home office (SOHO), Endpoints, Verify IP parameters, and wireless principles. Cisco also increased its weightage system. Earlier, this domain ruled 15% of the assessment. Now, it is 20%.

       Network Access

Under this domain, Cisco focused more on its wireless architectures and AP modes and will teach you to compare them. It will make you skillful in wireless LAV access configuration using GUI only. You will also be able to understand/explain the physical infrastructure connections, AP connections & WLC management access connections of Pass Certifications Exams  components.

       IP Connectivity

As far as the IP Connectivity domain is concerned, there is hardly any new skill added except for one. The new CCNA badge will make you competent enough to explain and find out the purpose of first-hop redundancy protocols like IP routing and OSPFv2.

       IP Services

Just as IP Connectivity, this domain is also remained untouched by the changes. There is hardly only one skill set added which is describing the capabilities and functions of TFTP/FTP in the network.

       Security Fundamentals

This domain got a major makeover and many new skills have been added seeing the changing face of network security. The revamped CCNA credential is going to infuse the whole new batch of network security skills such as understanding of key security concepts including threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, mitigation techniques, knowledge of security program element and password policies, and remote access. You will be able to manage site-to-site VPNs as well. The current IT Certifications Exams credential will give you hands-on knowledge on various wireless security protocols like WPA, WPA2, and WPA3 and make you able to configure WLAN using WPA2.

       Automation and Programmability

This is mostly a new skill set that has been added to the new Cisco 200-301 test. We all know how speedily automation has geared up and entered almost every walk of our life. Seeing the surging penetration of automation, Cisco decided to incorporate this topic into its CCNA 200-301 exam. Under this section, you are going to learn the impact of automation in network management and how to compare the traditional network with controller-based networking. You will be able to describe the controller-based architectures such as overlay, underlay, and fabric. Besides, you will know how to interpret JSON encoded data and find out the proficiencies of Puppet, Chef, and Ansible. REST-based APIs characteristics can easily be understood by you by the time you earn your CCNA badge.


Prep for Your 200-301 Test

The above list explained that a lot has changed while a lot is the same. If you had started your preparation journey before the changes were announced, then there is nothing to be worried as your efforts won’t go in vain. Just sort out what extra you need to study as per the recent changes. You can opt for the official Cisco course for Exam-Labs Pass IT Certifications Exams which can be supplemented by practice tests from such online platforms as ExamSnap, ExamCollection, PrepAway, and Exam-Labs. Using their 200-301 practice questions that always go with updated answers will definitely increase your chances of passing your exam with flying colors.


Changes That Are Going to Transform Your Life

The networking landscape changes at supersonic speed. And if, as a networking specialist, you are not able to maneuver these changes and handle them effortlessly, you will soon lose your significance in the industry. But Cisco will not let this happen. Its new-fangled Cisco 200-301 test makes sure that you get hold of the latest networking knowledge and never lose your ground. So, if you’re thinking that these changes are just a mere promotional gimmick, then they are not. They are here to make you relevant to your time. So, if you haven’t thought of updating your networking skills, then think about it now and go for this latest and best-of-breed CCNA badge. You will never regret it. And remember that reliable practice tests are always there to help you hone your CCNA 200-301 skills.

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