Amazon's Crucible Returns To Beta Status

Joanna Estrada
July 2, 2020

Since then, Crucible has remained live on Steam as a Free to Play game, although the option of purchasing a "Founder's Pack" is also there. And Ubisoft is expected to announced its own contender, a free-to-play battle royale shooter, in the coming days.

The main goal of this unprecedented un-release is to more closely evolve the game in line with community feedback. Did any of you play it back when it first came out?

Donovan is a young journalist from Maryland, who likes to game.

Crucible has seen sweeping changes in a short amount of time.

Interestingly though, players are fine to discuss and share content about the game openly on social media because, well, there's something about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted here, isn't there?

This isn't a scenario like Fallout 76, where the game launched with so many bugs and glitches that it looked unfit to ship.

To make sure that all Crucible players will maintain their progress in each game, Crucible said that they will create a "community council" that will update all its players with other info about the game.

Will that be enough to get Crucible back on its feet?

Johansen assured that the game would be virtually unchanged for players, and that anyone without the game who wants to participate in the Closed Beta must pick up Crucible by July 1st. As the game has continued to struggle, the team behind Crucible has made an unexpected choice for the future of the project. But if there's no strong vision behind these decisions and no real understanding of what makes a game successful, perhaps we're likely to see this pattern repeating itself. As of today, only around 150 people are still playing Crucible.

Relentless Studios initially concentrated its remaining players by closing all but one of Crucible's game modes, but it seems Crucible's launch has been so underwhelming that it's chose to start from square one by quite literally un-releasing the game.

It's kind of hard to reconcile just how much Amazon dominates in online retail and commercial web services when their gaming ambitions have utterly failed to launch. What do you think of the game going back into closed beta?

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