Top Tips for Those Heading to The Horse Races

Ruben Hill
June 30, 2020


Each and every year is filled with spectacular sporting events that the world enjoyed, from football games to horse races, our calendars are never empty when it comes to sports. But when it comes to horse racing, the thrill of the events can only truly be experienced by attending them yourself but thanks to a free app from TWE, the excitement of an event can be experienced anywhere. Here in this guide are a few top tips for those heading to the horse races to make sure you make the most of the truly one of a kind experience the races have to offer.


Be Bet Ready


As with any sport, betting comes hand in hand with horse racing and really add to the experience of the races for many, it can be one of the most appealing things about the sport for some. Each year, single races generate hundreds of millions of pound in bets and online sites have only made these figures continue to grow over the years. But, it may sound simple to just place down a wager on a horse and wait to see if you win big, but in fact, it can be fairly confusing so here is some common horse racing betting jargon you may come across to help give you some knowledge to bring to the races with you…


       Ante-post: this refers to placing a bet well in advance of the race, this could be because the horse if your favourite and you want to bet while the odds are fairly low as the betting market has not yet opened so allowing you to get a better price.

       Accumulator bet: this bet involved making more than one selection and when one comes in it goes onto the next, meaning that they all have to come in in order for you to get your return, but these can result in larger payouts than other bets.

       Back: this traditional bet is when you simply bet on a horse to win and if they are successful you get a return.

       Dutch: this means you are betting on two or three horse to win and so will see a return if any of them are successful, this does result in lower winnings than other bets as your odds are higher.


Planning Your Outfit is a Must


Horse races have always been beloved for their pageantry and many races work hard to keep the class and decorum of their events in place, the most famous of which for this would be Royal Ascot who have rules in place to ensure the race’s reputation continues year in and year out, one of the most well-known being its dress code.


This dress code requires men to wear a full suit of matching material and a hat, so these rules are fairly straight forward for men but they are more technical when it comes to the female attendees. Women are to wear dresses that sit just above the knee or longer, with a strap thicker than an inch - no strapless or spaghetti straps - they are also required to wear a hat or headdress as long as the base is wider than 4-inches.


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