Detroit Police Officer Seen Running Over BLM Protesters with SUV

Elias Hubbard
June 30, 2020

An unnamed protester told Click on Detroit that the city's police force "feels like they could do anything with impunity".

During the press conference Monday, Craig showed three videos from the incident, including two from the dash cams that were recording when the protesters surrounded the cruiser.

Video showed a second police vehicle activate its siren afterward and drive past the demonstrators without rendering aid. "They certainly left the location and then after they left to avoid any further harm, the protesters then left without any further incident". "In this instance, they anticipated - they were just blocking the road to redirect, but they didn't think they were going to get the reaction that they got".

"We knew then that we needed to not put ourselves in a position where a group of criminals would surround and attack the auto", he said.

Craig added that the two officers in the vehicle told investigators they believed they were possibly being shot at, which prompted them to flee the scene. It reads, "I was there and I was leaving because they were plotting to provoke the police", the protestor reportedly said in the statement.

As expected, the protesters who created the perilous situation for the officers saw things differently than police.

Protesters plan to gather outside the Fourth Precinct at 5 p.m. Monday to rally against the officers. He described some of the group as agitators, noting that rampant destruction was wrought by those types of individuals in late May.

Another demonstrator who posted video of the incident, Ethan Ketner, wrote that 10-12 people were "struck by this reckless driver who somehow has a badge".

Video footage showing one angle of what happened circulated widely Sunday night, leading to accusations that officers rammed protesters. It wasn't clear how many people, if any, were injured. "He went super fast. We went flying off", Jae Bass, a 24-year-old who claimed to be one of the men seen thrown to the ground in the video, told the Detroit Free Press.

"In response to that, he just floored it".

A protester says he jumped on a police auto to avoid being run over. He ran over her phone. I think I was the last person on the auto. "I could feel him speeding up and then... he flinged (sic) me off the auto".

Things quickly spiraled out of control as the officer was surrounded and the crowd turned violent. He went on to say that the police drove through the crowd after protesters walked past the vehicle.

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