How Casinos Influence Pop Culture

Lawrence Kim
June 26, 2020

Pop culture is something that has been changing throughout the years and many things influence it. Since it consists of many different elements it should come as no surprise that an influence form the casino industry is present. It’s a popular industry with millions of players all over the world.

Any online casino has a plethora of games players can choose from. In addition to the games, casino sites pack bonuses and prizes to make things interesting. They also provide a safe environment players can enjoy their games in. With so many things on offer, it’s no wonder it’s a popular industry.

Its influence can be felt in many elements of pop culture and some of them are pretty obvious. In that regard, here are some elements of pop culture that have been influenced by the casino industry:


The movie industry has sought inspiration everywhere in the effort to make blockbuster movies. This is why some movies can be classified as casino classics. They feature casinos or casino games that people play to this day. The combination of the casino influence and the creative minds of the film industry has given audiences all over the world titles such as Casino, Rounders, Owning Mahowny, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Hangover and many more. Since it’s a fruitful relationship there’s no reason as to why it should end. This means there will be many more casino flicks to come.


The world of literature has been a part of pop culture since the day the first book was printed. There are millions of books out there and they’re all written in a unique style. They also represent different topics. Considering the number of authors out there it’s only natural that some of them were influenced by the casino industry.

The great Dostoyevsky was a frequent visitor of casinos and liked playing roulette. It were his mishaps at various European casinos that inspired him to write The Gambler, one of his best novels to this day. But he’s not the only example. Bringing Down the House is a book that’s based on real events.

The MIT Blackjack Team were people that learned how to count cards and went to Las Vegas to test their skills. They ended up walking away with some pretty big sums of money. The book also served as an inspiration for a movie called 21, which is also a popular casino classic.


If book authors, directors, and screenwriters don’t mind the casino element in their works than neither do musicians. It’s well known that the late Lemmy of Motorhead liked playing poker in his free time so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the band’s greatest hits is called Ace of Spades. Elvis Presley himself has a song called Viva Las Vegas which is an homage to Sin City itself. Various other musicians don’t shy away from casinos and have been inspired by them. With that in mind, anyone can see just how influential the casino industry is.


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