Tesla Model S Long Range Plus offers 646 km driving range

Marco Green
June 17, 2020

Additionally, Tesla has designed new "Tempest" 8.5 inch-wide aerodynamic wheels that help reduce drag compared to the wheels offers on the older Model S. Along with that, the new tyres which are specially designed for the Model S provide less rolling resistance, both in combination has claimed to have helped increase the vehicle's range by 2%.

Tesla's Model S electric sedan first went on sale in 2012 offering a then-eye-popping 265 miles of range per charge. While the EPA denied that claim, Musk responded in a tweet that "we have precise vehicle logs that confirm it happened".

On Monday, Tesla announced that the North American variant of its Tesla Model S Long Range Plus vehicle has an official, EPA-rated range of 402 miles, making it the first widely available electric auto with a range of more than 400 miles.

The EPA confirmed to Green Car Reports Tuesday that it had approved a 402-mile range for the updated Long Range Plus-but perhaps adding grist to the mill, it emphasized that this version was different than the one run that achieved the 391-mile range result.

Tesla's flagship luxury sedan just achieved its best battery range rating ever in an EPA test cycle, marking a literal milestone for the EV brand. Well, the debate moves to value-the 402-mile Tesla Model S Long Range Plus starts at $74,990 before any applicable rebates are applied.

In Australia the Model S is advertised as having a 713km range, however this is based on the NEDC testing procedure which is considered by many to be unrepresentative of real-world driving conditions. The automaker also increased the efficiency of its new drive units, replacing mechanically driven parts (like the motor's oil pump) with electric variants, and modifying its regenerative braking to return more energy to the battery pack.

The new range represents a almost 20% increase in range when compared to a 2019 Model S 100D with the same battery pack design.

The 402-mile figure represents a roughly 3 percent increase from the 391-mile EPA rating the auto received in February, which-surprise, surprise-Musk contested. It now costs $76,190, including the mandatory $1,200 destination fee. On top of that, Tesla announced that it has now deployed 17,000 Superchargers worldwide, including the latest V3 models on three continents that reduce charging times by 50 percent.

Tesla once again pushes the electric vehicle farther in range and in acceptance.

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