Seattle man receives $1.1 million bill for his COVID-19 treatment

Henrietta Strickland
June 17, 2020

After spending weeks hospitalized for COVID-19 in Swedish Medical Center inside Issaquah, Wash., Michael Flor, 70, claims that he understood his be would be costly.

One of the patients in the USA received a bill for held him treatment from COVID-19, the cost of drugs, medical procedures and tests totaled $ 1.1 million.

Most of that time was spent in a sealed room in the intensive care unit to protect others at the hospital, which would include a 29-day period on a ventilator.

The 181-page bill included almost 3,000 itemized costs, the Seattle Times documented.

That includes $9,736 per day for the intensive care room, almost $409,000 for its transformation into a sterile room for 42 days, $82,000 for the use of a ventilator for 29 days, and almost $100,000 for two days when his prognosis was life-threatening.

Flor is covered by Medicare, a government insurance program for the elderly, and should not have to take out his wallet, according to the Times.

A hospital spokesman told the Times that Mendez receiving the bill for $401,885.57 was an isolated error and that no patient at the hospital is expected to directly pay for their COVID-19 care. "But I also know I might be the only one saying that" the Times quoted him as saying.

Flor's out-of-pocket costs after insurance are still $6,000, but he may not have to pay it because the stimulus package approved by Congress in May included $100 billion for hospitals and insurance providers to account for the costs of the coronavirus pandemic.

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