You Can Now Transfer Photos, Videos From Facebook To Google Photos

Joanna Estrada
June 5, 2020

Facebook's Google Photos transfer tool was previously announced in the United States and Canada back in April but is now available globally.

We've given the data transfer tool a whirl and it's a pretty straightforward process.

Once you've plunked yourself down in Settings, look for the "Your Facebook Information" tab.

This makes the feature a real boon for anyone who's been anxious about keeping all their memories stored exclusively on Facebook, and it works pretty well. Google Photos is one such solution and now transferring all your Facebook photos over to said platform has never been easier.

Now, with the introduction of the transfer tool, users will not have to keep their FB account open to preserve their photos and videos for lifetime. The user will then get a prompt to enter their Facebook password to complete the process. Click "View", then choose Google Photos as you destination. Once you've decided, you'll be taken to a Google Photos log-in to approve the transfer.

Established in 2018, the initiave between Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft is created to foster joint efforts in developing data sharing tools between the companies for the consumers. According to a Facebook spokesperson quoted by The Verge, the transfer facility will be enabled across all companies part of the Data Transfer Project.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter in 2018 formally announced the Data Transfer Project (DTP), which allows users to download and transfer their data between services easily. "The project does this by providing an open source library that any service can use to run and manage direct transfers on behalf of users".

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