Appointing a bail agent puts an end to your monetary worries for securing bail

Elias Hubbard
June 4, 2020

For minor cases, it is easy to immediately seek the release of the accused after an arrest based on furnishing a personal assurance of appearing in court on the scheduled date, and no money is involved in the process. However, it does not apply to all because the background of the person matters most. If the person has a dubious track record, the court will have reasons to decline the personal assurance and instead ask for furnishing bail by paying cash or in the form of Castle Bail Bonds Franklin County. The judge who presides over the case decides the bail amount based on several factors like the nature of crime and its severity, the community ties of the person, history of criminal record, previous convictions, family background, and the status of employment or earning capabilities.

Why you need a bail agent

The services of a bail agent help obtain bail because the process is complex and requires knowledge about court proceedings to handle it efficiently. Bail agents help to navigate the complex and lengthy bail process very smoothly and work for protecting the interest of their client by even helping them to arrange funds required for securing bail. Engaging a bail agent makes your life easy because the agent does all the hard work of complying with the procedures and documentation to secure bail while you stay relaxed. Bail agents are preferred because engaging them will cost you less as they charge only 10% of the bail amount to secure bail while agreeing to shoulder the risks in becoming a guarantor for you.

Prepare well before appointing a bail agent

While you must look for a reliable bail agent, you must be prepared to back them well by providing exhaustive information about the case that is essential to make the right start. Before meeting the agent, stay ready to supply all information, including minor details about the case to the agent. From the booking number to the name of the person and the bail amount, everything is essential. The agent will use the information to gather more details from the court to initiate the process.  On knowing the bail amount, the bail agent will work out the cost of posting a bail bond and briefly explain the procedure for seeking the person's release.  

Not using a bail agent

You can even do without a bail agent provided you are aware of the bail process and how the court works. You must deposit the bail amount in cash with the court. If it is a remarkably high amount that you find challenging to arrange quickly, you can offer some collateral security to the court, like pledging your property to seek release.

Depending on the accused person's social standing and credibility, the judge may even waive the bail amount or reduce it if the court can rely entirely on the person's assurance of appearing in court on time.  Known as release on their recognizance, these are only exceptional instances, and availing bail is the standard practice. 



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