George Floyd: Trump thanks himself for curbing protests in United States cities

Elias Hubbard
June 3, 2020

Many cities intensified their curfews, with authorities in Washington also ordering people off streets before sundown.

"This has to change", said 39-year-old Aisxia Batiste, an out-of-work massage therapist in Orlando. The crowd remained in place after the city's 7 p.m. curfew passed, defying warnings that the response from law enforcement could be even more forceful.

British police said they were appalled by the way George Floyd lost his life and by the violence which followed in USA cities but called on potential protesters in the United Kingdom to work with police as coronavirus restrictions remain in place.

The police announced they would not allow vehicle traffic south of 96th Street in Manhattan after curfew, though residents, essential workers, buses, and delivery trucks were exempt. But on previous evenings, those often occurred much later.

In Atlanta, prosecutors charged six police officers with crimes after they used stun guns on two unarmed Black college students driving on a downtown street. The police chief in Louisville, Ky., was sacked after a restaurant owner was killed by police.

"A black face should not be a sentenced to die, nor to be homeless, nor to be sick, nor to be underemployed, nor to be under-educated", Garcetti told them, inviting the leaders into City Hall for a discussion about the issues. Period, " said Cuomo, saying he was "outraged".

Ignited by Trump's tweeting "lowlifes and scums", protesters in Los Angeles and New York City continued to march through city streets after their respective curfews went into effect.

On Tuesday, Cuomo called what happened in the city Monday night "a disgrace".

Around the nation, more than 20,000 National Guard troops have been called up to deal with the violence.

The eight day of the protests has stretched past state's strict curfews, put in place to curb the protests.

French protesters took a knee and raised their fists while firefighters struggled to extinguish multiple blazes as a largely peaceful, multiracial demonstration degenerated into scattered tensions.

Protesters on Tuesday across the country were also back to rally peacefully in Los Angeles, Washington, and Philadelphia.

CBC reporter Paul Hunter was on the ground in Washington, D.C., as protesters rallied for another night, venting anger and demanding social justice. It was not invoked in protests following the deaths of other black men in recent years in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore.

"Donald Trump has turned this country into a battlefield driven by old resentments and fresh fears", Biden said in a speech in Philadelphia, also hit by violence.

The officer who knelt on Floyd, Derek Chauvin, 44, has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Three other officers have been fired but not charged with crimes.

Minneapolis launched an investigation into possible discriminatory practices in the police department over the last 10 years.

Some of those who have gathered at the site of Floyd's killing have invoked the non-violent message of the late USA civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., assassinated in 1968, as the only way forward.

This time is different. Such use of the military would mark a federal intervention rarely seen in modern American history.

A study from Monmouth University, released Tuesday, found 57 percent of Americans believe police are more likely to use excessive force against Black people.

Four officers were also shot overnight in St. Louis.

President Trump on Tuesday congratulated himself for having used the National Guard in Washington while blasting de Blasio for not using it in NY. "Overwhelming force. Domination. Likewise, Minneapolis was great (thank you President Trump!)", he tweeted.

President Donald Trump faced blowback from religious leaders, some Republican politicians and ex-military leaders for his controversial threat to deploy the military in U.S. cities and his decision to stage a photo opportunity at a church near the White House after protesters were forcibly cleared from the area.

Governors and mayors, Republicans and Democrats alike, rejected Trump's threat to send in the military, with some saying troops would be unnecessary and others questioning whether the government has such authority and warning that such a step would be unsafe.

Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden has condemned Donald Trump over the protests.

Others hit out at the statement for not referencing Floyd's skin color or "the systemic violenceblack people have to face both in the United Kingdom and the US".

Mr Trump suggested that violence and looting on the streets of New York City came after the governor's failure to accept the president's offer to deploy the National Guard.

Meanwhile, George W. Bush criticized any effort to squelch protests of Floyd's death. Thousands held an orderly march up 86th Street, chanting and holding banners saying "no justice, no peace" and "say his name, George Floyd", followed by a silent vigil.

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