Google Maps Makes It Easier to Access, Share Location Plus Codes

Joanna Estrada
May 29, 2020

Google Maps is hoping to fix that with "Plus Codes". Plus Codes are digital addresses made from latitude and longitude coordinates, meaning every place in the world has its own unique code. We already have the option to view Plus Codes, but as usual you may need to wait to see the new UI. The company said today it is making it easier for anyone with an Android device to share its rendition of an address - a six-digit alphanumeric code. From there you can share it to wherever, which others can plug directly into Google Maps or Google Search for locating you quickly.

Image Source: Google Google Maps update: How to obtain a Plus Code address on Android.

But what3words and five-year-old project Plus Codes have both struggled to gain wider traction. Google is now rolling out a new Google Maps feature called "Plus Codes" that makes it easier to share your location data with anyone on the planet-even if you location happens to be a cabin in the woods.

Plus Codes can be acquired through the blue location dot as well as tapping and holding the Map to drop a pin somewhere. However, as magical as addresses may seem, they do have limits.

Google Maps just got an awesome new feature that reinvents addresses
How To Share Your Location With Google Plus Codes

As Google explains, "Plus Codes are especially helpful for people in emergency and crisis response scenarios". They could also come in handy when traveling to new places and having to set new meeting points that don't involve sharing a user's location or understanding and remembering the local street names.

The codes look like this: G6G4+CJ Delhi, India. It's unclear whether Plus Codes can be used for deliveries anytime soon or if they're acceptable to use for more trivial things, like ordering goods online. What can you do with a Plus Code if you get one?

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