OnePlus Z could be coming soon to battle Google Pixel 4a

Joanna Estrada
May 28, 2020

That will remain a focus, but Lau seems to acknowledge something many of us have been thinking; in that OnePlus has moved away from what made its early devices so appealing, and alienated a lot of early fans in the process. However, OnePlus models are still standard, so not everyone is able to buy OnePlus products.

When OnePlus launched its first ever phone, the product was created to be powerful but very affordable, undercutting the big-name flagship smartphones.

The coronavirus pandemic may not be the primary reason OnePlus wants to get into the cheap phone market, because leaks about a potential mid-range OnePlus smartphone go back as early as December past year. Additional details were shared on Weibo, where he talked about why the company is now ready to add "new members" to its family. But that doesn't mean that OnePlus isn't working on a direct competitor in the same price range as the Pixel 4a and iPhone SE.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed in a statement that the company is planning to return the affordable market segment by bringing its upcoming budget-friendly smartphone OnePlus Z. It's great to see India being the centre of attraction as well.

To get back the customers it has lost due to the consistent price increases, OnePlus says that it will make affordable smartphones once again, competing with the likes of Xiaomi. This is a welcome transfer by OnePlus to replace its older "Flagship Killers" to the newest model on Android.

Some time ago rumours arose about a new device from the eastern firm, the OnePlus Z, which looked like it would become that spiritual successor to the OnePlus X that did not come at the time. It can be paired with a smartphone to access many additional features. The company said it had no affiliation with BBK because it is supported by a private investor called Oplus, which is also an investor of Oppo and Realme. It's now unclear if this means the two companies will work on a common software platform, or produce devices that are compatible with each other's ecosystems. By pivoting to software and lifestyle products, tech companies can cater to a larger audience - OnePlus wouldn't be the first company to do this in the Android sphere, and it definitely won't be the last.

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