Citra officially became the first 3DS emulator

Joanna Estrada
May 25, 2020

Plus, it receives updates on a regular basis, which keeps it in check. The highly talented Citra team has finally got successful in developing the official emulator in C++.

Over the past months, there was an unofficial Android port of the Citra Emulator on PC.

That said, we won't be providing any link to the emulator itself. While this is free to play, you should meet the minimum phone requirements and have game files to play.

Interestingly enough, several features are coming with the new app. Features that were not available in the unofficial ports. All these features work to provide a rather full-fledged Nintendo 3DS emulation experience. Motion controls are also added, the microphone and camera are improved, and support for more controls is added. Though fans have enjoyed it, many have been asking the makers to introduce an Android support too.

The team behind the new app documented and published the story of the entire development on their website. The team has provided complete documentation of the development process which describes how the unofficial ports impacted this officially released version. However, that project was an unofficial version carried out by fans, and now the situation has changed. After all fans have been requesting it for years. However, they couldn't deliver the mobile version until the original PC version of the app was stable enough. We already know from the XDA-Developers that Citra runs well on the OnePlus 8 Pro. Okay, it's a flagship, a really expensive one and that limits the availability of 3DS emulation.

According to the Citra team, the recommended requirements to correctly emulate the Nintendo 3DS on mobile are a Snapdragon 835, Android 8 Oreo (or higher) and OpenGL ES 3.2. In general, Qualcomm Snapdragon devices will run Citra better than Samsung Exynos or HiSilicon Kirin devices. How many smartphones can run the 3DS emulation? It would be incredible to see some cheap gaming phones running 3DS games. You may run into graphical glitches and other problems on unsupported devices.

What's great is that Citra has now become the first android emulator for the incredibly popular game Nintendo 3DS. There is a $4.99 in-app purchase to unlock premium features that, for now, include a dark mode theme and a texture filtering option that increases the fidelity of the graphics.

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