J.K. Rowling sets the record straight on Harry Potter's 'birthplace'

Lawrence Kim
May 24, 2020

The Harry Potter franchise has been one of the most popular series ever since its inception. "The first bricks of Hogwarts were placed in a flat in Clapham Junction".

And fans were - to borrow from the books - were essentially petrified.

J.K. Rowling blew fans' minds when she revealed the true origin of her bestselling "Harry Potter" book series.

The fan asked Rowling to explain "the truth about Harry Potter's "birthplace".

During an interview with CNN, she admitted that the creation of Hogwarts in particular came to her "by handsome places I saw or visited because it's so far from the truth".

As for the high level game, the Quidditch racket, Rowling She said was born in 1991 after a one night stay at the Bourneville Hotel in Manchester.

Harry Potter's Indian fame Shefali revealed in an interview that, "when she was in SchoolSchool, the casting agents were searching the twins to cast in the Harry Potter series in some schools in her area".

The author has also shared a photo from a bookstore in Porto, Portugal, and responds to the owners' claims that it was an inspiration to Harry Potter. And like Shefali, she also thought that she wouldn't be selected, but as Shefali said that she had nothing to lose, she also went and gave the audition, and to her surprise, she got selected where for the next round she had to audition with Shefali in front of Mike.

He not admitted which he wrote in a cafe in Rua Santa Catarina, Portugal. "Actually this is the most lovely cafe I've ever written".

Rowling took place to eliminate some of the various other reports around her motivations for vital symbols from the Harry Potter globe.

"It's handsome and I wish I had visited it, but it has nothing to do with Hogwarts!"

"Hogwarts was created long before I could slap any of them!" I did end Hallows within the Balmoral, although, & I can't lie, I'd price it a smidge increased than the Bournville.

Out of all the "utter nonsense about Potter landmarks", Rowling said her favorite is people going to a parking meter she supposedly used in Edinburgh while writing the "Deathly Hallows". Over time, quite a few tales concerning the places and moments that impressed her to write down concerning the bespectacled wizard have develop into integral elements of how we view the collection' historical past, too.

Unfortunately, when it comes to any spoilers about upcoming work, Dumbledore voiced disappointment best: "Alas, earwax".

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