NASA Wants to Pay You to Social Distance

James Marshall
May 23, 2020

The participants will be studied during their ordeal as scientists determine long-haul spaceflight affects the body and brain.

Humans are headed for Mars. Well, then NASA's upcoming mars simulation might be just for you.

To that end, NASA wants to hire a few of suitable humans to spend a whopping eight weeks cooped up in a tiny mock spacecraft.

Four Russians and two Americans are part of the worldwide crew that spent the duration of the analog mission in Russia's Institute for Biomedical Problems' Nazemnyy eksperimental'nyy kompleks (NEK) facility. According to NASA's 2019 report, a four-month analog mission served as a spacecraft, lunar lander, and home for the crew members of Scientific International Research.

If you think you'r qualified, you can head over to NASA's page to apply.

With several modules and areas such as downtime, diversion, and of course, science, there is a lot to do when you're delivered to the ISS. They won't be locked in their seats for eight months, but they certainly won't have the kind of freedom that ISS astronauts enjoy. There are a number of requirements applicants need, including being a US citizen between 30 and 55 years old, being proficient in Russian and English, and having a college degree, preferably an master's, doctorate or medical degree, as well as completion of military officer training.

Those with bachelor degrees and other qualifications "may be acceptable candidates as well", NASA said in the statement.

Those requirements will eliminate many of us, but NASA will surely find the right people for the concert.

NASA mentioned there could possibly be completely different ranges of compensation primarily based on whether or not a particular person is related to NASA or is an worker or contractor, however didn't get extra particular than that.

" I am not entirely certain why this would matter, but there you have it".

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