Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Build 19631

Joanna Estrada
May 23, 2020

Microsoft unveiled some cool and much-needed stuff to the audience watching the virtual event from across the globe.

Additionally, Windows 10 build 19631 comes with a small change for Windows Sandbox, whose WSB files are now case insensitive starting with this new update.

So, here we have summed up some of the big announcements Microsoft made at Build 2020 annual developer conference.

Description: WinUI is Microsoft's UI framework of the future for every app on Windows, created to work in both Universal (UWP) and Desktop (Win32) apps.

Project Reunion will offer a common set of APIs, allowing developers to upgrade older apps with features such as the modern Fluent user interface previously limited to UWP apps, writes Kevin Gallo, corporate vice president for the Windows Developer Platform, in a blog post this morning.

Microsoft today is releasing Windows 10 build 19624 to Insiders in the Fast ring.

Microsoft has been moving in this direction for a while, implicitly acknowledging that it hasn't realized its dream of getting developers to write one app to run across a wide variety of Windows 10 computers, devices, consoles and headsets.

Description: Learn how the Windows app platform is evolving and unifying Win32 and UWP so your present and future apps can easily target 1 billion+ Windows devices.

Well, Microsoft is giving another try at UWP by taking a different road this time. Also, their respective APIs will be decoupled from the Windows OS. It's an attempt to improve the interoperability between its apps and streamline the work.

You know, assuming they don't muck it up with A/B testing.

Microsoft said it will add more components in the future, including Teams. The Fluid Office integration is based on the open-source Fluid framework that Microsoft previewed past year at Ignite.

Both new features will be part of the Edge web browser's Collections feature, where they'll join the options to send content to Excel or Word.

The company is also said to planning to bring a new trust system from Windows 10X to single-screen devices too, whereby signed codes and apps with a "good reputation" can be installed safely on the desktop OS.

Find out how you can take advantage of WinUI 3.0 and MSIX to bring your WIndows app to all Windows 10 users.

Furthermore, the updated DevTools now includes a 3D view mode.

In other Edge news, The Verge notes that you can finally keep your browser extensions synchronized between multiple devices running Edge.

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