Brazil's COVID-19 death toll tops 20000

Elias Hubbard
May 23, 2020

Brazil recently jumped three spots in 72 hours to take third place in the world in number of known infections, overtaking Britain, Spain and Italy.

In terms of diagnosing the virus, Brazil is not only far behind Russian Federation and the United States, but even behind other countries in the region such as Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia, which have smaller economies. Read ahead to know more.

Official number of coronavirus deaths per country, as of May 22 at 1100 GMT.

According to Reuters, Brazil has 257,000 positive coronavirus cases to date.

In addition, although about 12 million people were unemployed before the health crisis, now some 50 million informal workers have managed to survive thanks to a governmental subsidy of 600 reais ($110), the distribution of which has been beset with serious logistical problems. Sao Paulo alone reported 3000 plus deaths.

The revoked protocol provided for the use of chloroquine only in critically ill and critically ill patients, already admitted to intensive care units, and undergoing medical observation in hospitals, allowing treatment to be discontinued if they had cardiac arrhythmia. Moreover, the healthcare system in the city is on the verge of breaking.

Gonzalo Vecina Neto, the former head of Brazil's health regulator, Anvisa, called the new measures a "barbarity" that could cause more harm than good because of the risky potential side effects of the drug.

How Bad Is The Situation?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The first confirmed case in Brazil was recorded on 26 February What is the situation across Brazil? He has said new protective measures are coming but didn't elaborate more, even as Sao Paulo mayor Bruno Covas alerted the government that public hospitals in his city, which is among the most hard-hit, had reached 90% capacity.

In the world's largest country by population, China, the news was also grim. Moreover, we do not see any coordination from the people.

"Despite being medicines used in various protocols and having laboratory-proven activity against coronavirus, There are still no more complete and multicenter clinical studies that prove the unequivocal benefit of these medicines to treat COVID-19". Moreover, he claims it to be an ordinary flu.

China warned Friday that its huge economy faces an enormous challenge from the coronavirus, as the ongoing pandemic and national lockdowns caused massive job losses in the U.S. and Latin America. But still, he wishes to continue running the economy. On Monday, Trump said that there's a "very good chance" it has a positive impact on the virus, but if not, "you're not going to get sick and die".

Pazuello's appointment to the top job came after then-Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta was sacked last month for publicly supporting state governors who shut down nonessential businesses and adopted other measures against the virus, and after Mandetta's replacement, Nelson Teich, resigned last week.

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