Series A Football League: A Return To Sport In June 2020

Ruben Hill
May 21, 2020


Covid-19 and the impact that it has had across the globe is a pandemic that many of us have never seen in our lifetimes and has led to a huge loss of life. This has meant lockdown measures across the globe have been implemented to reduce the rate of infection whilst ensuring the future of livelihoods for small business owners. However, these measures have also meant the cancellation of numerous sporting events and concerts planned throughout the year. However, as many countries having now passed the peak of the virus, leagues such as the Bundesliga and Series A are looking to resume play behind closed doors in the coming month. Here, we will be looking into the effect this can have on teams as well as the hopes of nations recovering from these unusual circumstances.

The Suspension Of Series A Football League

At the beginning of 2020, the league looked promising with the fight between Juventus and Lazio heating up and the trophy in sight until March. On March 9ththe league was put on pause as the coronavirus began to sweep across the world. With Italy being one of the worst affected countries at this time, the world watched as the number of cases continued to escalate. Since then, however, the country has passed the peak and bought down the number of infections.

As the country has passed the peak and begun to take calculated steps to reopen, there is a promising sign that season may be able to continue soon. However, this is yet to be determined.

Changes To Italian Lockdown Measures

On the 16th May, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said the following in a press conference:

“From May 18th retail stores, hairdressers, beauticians, bars, restaurants, pubs, football teams training sessions and museums will all start again”.

Though there is hesitance from the Italian people, this is a promising time for the resumption of the sporting league as training can resume. With many placing bets on Series A and the league going to Juventus this time around, it is a step in the right direction for fans. As training begins, however, there are many wondering how long it will be until the games return. Though there is no date set at this time, it is looking likely the return to Series A will be at the beginning of June. This is just in time for the summer and is set to be a huge revenue booster for a number of the teams that are navigating through financial difficulty at this uncertain time.

The Return To Football In Other Parts Of The World


The return of the Series A-League will come at a perfect time for Italy as it can help to boost the hopes of a nation during this dark time. This also coincides with the resumption of the Bundesliga in Germany. This is a huge boost to the nation despite the games being played behind closed doors as the games are being broadcasted across several different platforms.

This is also a promising time for the resumption of the British Premier League as talks continue as to whether or not this can continue in the coming months. With training postponed and ongoing talks leading to speculation, many fans are wondering whether or not the league will be able to continue. However, with no announcements set to be made until July, a lot could change. With increased testing in the UK as well as the cautious steps into phase 2 of the lockdown measures, we could see the resumption of the season in the near future. This will be huge for the population of the UK and will help to lift the spirits of those hard-core fans of the Premier League and smaller leagues up and down the country.

What Could This Mean For Sport In 2020?

As we slowly begin to see them return to some of the world’s leading football leagues, we could well see at a set of unusual champions. With relegation paused in the British Football and other major tournaments, we are also likely to see a huge rise in the number of people taking part in the next league at the beginning of September. It is this level of uncertainty that has fans both excited for the resumption of football, but hesitant for what the future of the Coronavirus pandemic could look like moving forward.

With this in mind, the resumption of training and the return of football behind closed doors is a promising sign for the economy as a number of the worlds leading countries begin to slowly return to a new normal, whilst helping to prevent the rate of infection rising once again.


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