Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says his face-mask order went 'too far'

Marco Green
May 5, 2020

A mandated face mask in public did not go over well in OH, forcing GOP Gov. Mike DeWine to reconsider and leave it "highly recommended".

So it is a balancing thing.

"It became clear to me that that was just a bridge too far".

DeWine talked about encouraging signs in his state as he acknowledged they want to start reopening while continuing to protect people.

"You did something that not too many politicians do: you did an about-face", said This Week host Martha Raddatz Sunday. That was one that it just went too far.

The governor announced Tuesday that he was rescinding the order because some Ohioans found it "offensive".

GOV. DEWINE: Face masks are very important and our business group came back and said every employee, for example, should wear a face mask.

Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine explained his reasoning behind pulling back on a statewide requirement for retail workers and employees to wear face masks as stores reopen.

A five-day look back at coronavirus trends is too short-sighted, especially when some data is lagging and the timing varies on when it can be confirmed, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said Monday. So, again, it's what individual Ohioans do.

DeWine added the face coverings are going to remain "highly recommended", even if they are not mandated. People have stayed home.

DeWine stressed that, although this is a major milestone for OH, other layers of protection against the COVID-19 virus like masks, social distancing practices and stringent disinfection routines will still be necessary as the state tackles its reopening process throughout May. And we just got to continue to do that.

"My ability to communicate to the people of OH frankly I thought was going to be really impeded, and we were going to get hung up on the mandatory masks for someone going in as a customer, and it just wasn't going to work", he added.

While Americans across the partisan divide agree that state coronavirus restrictions on businesses are appropriate, a new ABC News/Ipsos poll shows Democrats are more concerned about contracting the virus while Republican respondents would be more likely to get out if and when the rules change.

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