Michigan's May Night Sky Includes A Meteor Shower & Super Moon

James Marshall
May 4, 2020

The shower is best viewed from the southern tropics, where up to 40 meteors can be seen per hour in good viewing condition, EarthSky reported.

Nevertheless, the shower is still visible in the northern hemisphere, although it may only produce rates of 10 to 30 meteors per hour from the equator northward, according to the AMS.

Generally, observing meteor shower does not need astronomical instrumentation therefore Qatar residents and the resident of countries in northern hemisphere can see Eta Aquarid meteor showers with naked eye from places without light and environment pollution (pure sky), and darker places, he said, adding the people need to look to south-east horizon of the sky from midnight till the dawn of Wednesday to catch Eta Aquarid meteor showers.

Eta Aquarid meteors are made up of debris that broke off from Halley's comet hundreds of years ago.

The shower will peak in the early morning hours of May 6, between 2 and 5 am AEST, (between 16:00 and 17:00 UTC, May 5).

May's full moon is also known as the "Super Flower Moon", named to coincide with the arrival of spring flowers. But the meteors will be raining down most of the week, so you may have more luck catching a glimpse during the slightly darker mornings on either side of the peak.

Every May the Earth passes through the remnants of the Halley's comet, providing us with a yearly light show.

Unfortunately, the shower is peaking very close to a full moon, so only the brightest of shooting stars will be visible. "If you are really lucky, you should see bright meteors going through the heart of the galaxy". One of the stars that make up that constellation, Eta Aquarii, is the radiant of the Eta Aquarids, which means that from the perspective of someone on our planet it look like the source of the shower.

Viewing in the Southern Hemisphere is preferable but not necessary. These particular meteors are called Aquarids because they radiate outward from the constellation Aquarius.

Origin of Eta Aquariids as seen from Sydney at 4 am on May 6.

"Nevertheless, if you can find a clear view of the eastern horizon, scan the skies in that area using just your eyes - they're the best tool for the task".

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