Escape games popular among corporates for team building

Olive Rios
April 30, 2020


Increasingly businesses are realizing that their employees will be more productive if they know their colleagues in the same departments and other departments well, understand their strength and weakness. Hence companies of all sizes are spending a large amount on team building activities, to improve and strengthen the relationship between the employees.


One of the most popular team building activities are escape rooms, where teams work together to find clues and escape the room in which they are locked together. In Canada,  is one of the more reputed companies and has escape rooms in Edmonton and Calgary.

Every escape room in each city will have a different theme and the group playing the escape game may choose a particular theme based on their personal preference. The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar is ideal for those who enjoy treasure hunting in Africa, Prohibition - the lucky duck is based on prohibition in Chicago, the curse of the evil genie has a arabic theme and cypherspace is space themed. There are escape rooms based on movies like the Matrix also. Alternately the players may choose the escape room based on the level of difficulty and those who have played the quest game earlier, can choose the easier escape room.

A minimum number of two players are required for most games and the maximum number of players will vary from eight to ten for each game. The escape room is like a locker room where the team is locked together. The room is designed based on the theme of the game, to recreate it and give it a realistic look. The team has to search and find clues, solve puzzles, work together to find how to get out of the room within a specified period usually one hour. Each room has a trained gamemaster who will explain all the rules to the team members and also closely monitor their activities, encouraging them and providing hints if necessary.


All the escape rooms at are private, so all teams only have people from the same company, family or friends. This ensures that people do not have to spend time with strangers. Companies and individuals can book an escape room in advance online after checking the availability of the specific escape room. They can also make the payment online to confirm the booking. Usually on weekends more people are likely to play escape games, so it is advisable to book an escape room well in advance. Thus, escape games are a very popular team building activity, since they help determine, the strengths and weaknesses of the persons working in the team.

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