BlackBerry Smartphones Won't Be Produced Any More

Joanna Estrada
April 16, 2020

But without TCL actually making new phones, the BlackBerry brand will hit a dead-end, at least for the moment.

The announcement is done ahead of time so that customers who have a BlackBerry phone now don't have to panic when it happens.

TCL Communication, the Chinese company that now licenses and manufactures BlackBerry smartphones, posted a statement on Twitter saying that their three-year partnership had ended. The company tried its hand at touch-screen devices like the BlackBerry Storm, but that was a flop.

Lately, rumours had circulated that TCL and BlackBerry had fallen out. TCL has announced in a tweet that they will no longer be selling these phones with the 31st of August 2020, because they do not have the rights to design and make them. But 2020 may mark the end of the BlackBerry brand as it relates to mobile phones, considering one of the company's biggest partners has said it will stop producing phones under the BlackBerry moniker later this year.

In 2016, BlackBerry made a decision to stop designing its own smartphones in-house after 14 years.

BlackBerry, making devices using its own operating system, was once a market leader and trailblazer in the world of smartphones with its small, full-qwerty keyboard gaining a loyal following among professional users, "prosumers" and other early adopters.

And they had decent cameras, "Certainly the best cameras ever seen on a BlackBerry" said one fan. In 2016, we had the first news about the abandonment of device manufacturing to focus on software.

Then, somebody claiming to be a TCL employee posted on a message board, saying TCL was frustrated with Blackberry.

BlackBerry's share of the global smartphone market has fallen to virtually zero since it dominated the market with its physical keyboard design a decade ago. The setup could spell out either a hiatus or potentially a complete disappearance of the BlackBerry brand.

However, BlackBerry tweeted today that TCL Communication will no longer sell BlackBerry-branded mobile devices as of August 31.

In 2016, we said that the brand passed to TCL.

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