Minecraft RTX beta will come to Windows 10 this week

Joanna Estrada
April 15, 2020

NVIDIA has announced that the beta phase for Minecraft RTX will begin on April 16th. There has been plenty of development work done since then and now this week, we'll be able to try Minecraft RTX for ourselves as the open beta is launching.

Some of the effects it adds are: "Direct lighting from the sun, sky, and various light sources, realistic hard and soft shadows, emissive lighting from surfaces such as glowstone and lava, global illumination, accurate reflections in water and metallic surfaces, transparent materials such as stained glass, water and ice with reflection and refraction, [and] volumetric fog and light shafts".

Furthermore, Minecraft with RTX will have support for DLSS 2.0, the new and much improved version of Nvidia's deep learning-powered tech which allows for intelligently upscaling games to higher resolutions (meaning your RTX graphics card will be less taxed to keep up a smooth and fluid frame-rate).

Given Minecraft's charmingly simple and cuboid artstyle, it might not seem the most obvious choice for ray tracing support, but the option is sure to open up a whole new dimension of creativity for its thriving player community.

Nvidia already announced a series of tools for creating texture packs and getting the most out of RTX features.

NVIDIA Sneak Peek at New Ray-Traced Worlds in Minecraft - 03/30/2020 06:32 PMToday NVIDIA offered a sneak peek at what is possible when you combine the world's most popular game with next-generation ray-tracing technology.

Each map is going to be available for free through the marketplace on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

Nvidia has a very in-depth explanation of how Minecraft makes use of ray-tracing for shadows, reflections, etc., and I would suggest reading it here if you are interested.

Assuming you've got the requisite GPU, the rest should be easy, you need to download the Windows 10 version of Minecraft from the Microsoft Store and the beta process will be handled using the Xbox Insider Hub which is also available on the Microsoft Store.

After much teasing, Minecraft with RTX is finally coming to PCs.

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