Super moon graces night sky across the globe

James Marshall
April 8, 2020

People across the area may have spotted the Moon looking particularly full in the sky last night.

Here we share some readers' photos of the phenomenon.

The largest, brightest supermoon of 2020 rose in the night sky on Tuesday over hushed cities, stilled factories and countries in lockdown due to the novel coronavirus that has killed tens of thousands worldwide, reported Reuters.

These images were sent in by keen photographers Jason Richardson, who also snapped the wolf moon earlier in the year, and David Babbs.

Granted, the moon is more than the prerequisite 6 feet (1.8 meters) away from the closest (celestial) body during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can see the moon rise in the sky this evening (in NY, that happens at 7:05 p.m. local time).

If the moon is within 10% of its closest distance to the earth at the moment of full moon, it is considered to be a super moon, according the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.

The Pink Supermoon, although it's not actually pink in colour, gets its name from a pink flower that blooms in the U.S. in springtime.

Koshman said that if weather permits, just below the full moon, you will see a bright star in the constellation Virgo Spica, and above and to the left - Capella in the constellation Auriga.

The moon, however, will not actually look pink unless it's covered by an opaque pink cloud or haze.

Rather than the effect of an actual pink moon, the name originates from Native American culture, as the event often coincides with pink phlox flowers blooming in spring.

You can see a livestream of the pink supermoon at the Virtual Telescope Project today, or watch it here on Live Science.

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