Three Ways to Improve Your Sports Betting in 2020

Elias Hubbard
April 6, 2020

Many people will place sports bets. Some do this on a daily basis, others weekly while there are also occasional gamblers out there.

For most, this is simply a hobby that they enjoy participating in while watching sport. A small minority are professional gamblers, and although most won’t aim to be professional, we can all learn a lot from them.

These players risk their livelihood on winning bets, so they must not only be doing something right, but also have ultimate trust that their strategy is correct.

But what do they do exactly that helps them stand out? Here we take a look at three ways in which you can follow the professionals and improve your sports betting in 2020

Find Your Niche

There is no such thing as someone who knows everything about one sport. You can choose a sport to bet on, but then you must find your niche inside that sport.

For example, when it comes to football rather than focusing on being a football gambler you should concentrate on specific leagues such as the Premier League.

This will allow you to properly research the games that are taking place, put the right amount of effort into your betting and hopefully get the correct results from it.

You may think you know a lot about every league in a country, or think you are a broad sports fan, but this won’t be enough to make you a successful gambler.

If you are unsure where to begin, look back at the bets you have placed and see where you have been successful.

Let’s say you’ve been betting on five different football leagues and you have made profit on one, while you’ve lost on the other four. This is the one you should be concentrating on in the future and build on what you already know.

Use Your Bookmakers Wisely

It is really important to get the best possible value on every bet you place. This will involve betting with a number of different companies.

When it is time to bet, you can check out the odds, any offers that are available, and anything else that will help you gain some additional value.

Choose which is offering you the best deal and bet there, this will ensure nothing is left on the table in terms of profit when you bet.

Some bookies offer free bet without making any deposit so you can sign up to them, get a free bet and not actually use your own funds. This will allow you to open up a number of different accounts without any initial outlay.

These offers can be the best way to begin things, opening up your options without spending money.

Use a Staking Plan

Perhaps the most important part of all this is to use a staking plan. This ensures your bets all have the same relative value.

Whether you’ve had a big win or a big run of losses, if you trust your betting plan then your stakes should always be the same.

This will mean that each bet has relevance to the rest, and it doesn’t matter which one of them wins, you will get the same level of pay out.

Of course, you will have stronger fancies on some days, and these can have larger stakes. This is fine if you want to do that, just remember that strong fancies have on stake amount, and regular selections have another.

A working staking plan that is used throughout the year will keep your betting in check and prevent you from making wrong decisions due to emotion.

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