Apex Legends update adds duos and Kings Canyon permanently

Joanna Estrada
April 5, 2020

Yet another thing that wasn't coincidental was the dead Prowler that was teased as these Titanfall beasts will now be visiting Apex Legends via the new Town Takeover - Bloodhound's Trials. It brings Kings Canyon back to be a permanent part of the game, as well as carving a spot out for Duos, while also featuring a new narrative driven element for the character Bloodhound. Called The Old Ways, it allows players to follow Bloodhound's trail and learn of the brutal training that a scared youth must undergo to become a fearsome hunter. The Old Ways will also include new cosmetics for players to earn or directly purchase, along with some returning ones from laster year.

"We're adding new, exclusive skins that tie-in to The Old Ways digital short, similar to the Wraith skin from last September's Voidwalker event". During this time, a section of Word's Edge will be altered in the northwest region of the map.

Off the back of a number of developments in the Apex lore in recent months and the System Override event, Respawn is back with another lore event! As with previous events, you can earn up to 1000 points per challenge set, with fresh challenges cycling in each day.

In addition to the items exclusive to this event, Respawn are also reintroducing some popular and rare skins from Apex history, so players will be able to claim cosmetic items from one of the first events to grace the battle royale. Even if you have no interest in Apex Legends, I suggest giving it a watch because it's a riveting coming-of-age story filled with Nordic traditions, fancy hatchets and explosive charge rifles. Unlike other events, these will not be tied to an Heirloom and you can only get them as they rotate through the shop. You need to make sure they don't scavenge it from you.

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