Michigan's Brightest Super Moon Of 2020 Is Coming

James Marshall
April 1, 2020

And they dubbed April's moon "Pink" because it comes during this time of year when the wildflower phlox subulata-known also as creeping phlox, moss phlox, and moss pink-blooms in the Northeast. Instead of following a perfectly circular path around the planet, the Moon moves along an eccentric trajectory. Since it will be a full moon during this time, a supermoon will appear.

Supermoons happen when the moon's elliptical orbit brings it to the closest point to the Earth while the moon is full.

"For the best view of this lovely spring Moon, find an open area and watch as the Moon rises just above the horizon, at which point it will appear its biggest and take on a golden hue!", explains the Old Farmer's Almanac, on its website. Thanks to its positioning, April's will be the biggest and brightest of the trio. A supermoon occurs when the moon is especially close to Earth while it's full. During that time, the natural satellite was about 252,707 miles away from Earth, according to the Smithsonian Magazine. To make the most of the viewing, de Sales Marques recommends waiting until the sun has set and finding an unobstructed view.

The moon will be full at 10:35 pm EDT that day.

If you want to get a peak of the moon, it will be visible after sunset, with it's peak illumination report to be at around 10:35pm.

Stock image of a supermoon and jet.

The April full moon is known as the pink moon, on account of the herb moss pink, also known as wild ground phlox, according to NASA.

The Supermoon will be followed by the Lyrid meteor shower, which will last from April 16 to 25.

Paschal is the Greek word for "Passover". When the moon reaches the apogee, the point closest to Earth, it appears larger and brighter than a normal full moon. The Halloween full moon will be a blue moon, because it's the second full moon of the month, which is one of the definitions of a blue moon.

The supermoon appearing next week is also known as the Pink Moon.

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