Yellowstone bison interrupt TV reporter, and it's hilarious

Joanna Estrada
March 27, 2020

A recent video of an NBC Montana reporter, Deion Broxton, at Yellowstone National Park has been going viral. and for all the right reasons! Oh no. I ain't messing with you, ' as he's recorded by a live mic making his exit from the approaching bison.

However, while filming a video teaser for the upcoming segment, the 27-year-old reporter caught sight of something out of the side of his eye that didn't sit right with him: a nearby bison was staring straight at him - and then began to approach him with the rest of its herd. "Oh no... I ain't messing with you", Deion Broxton says in the accompanying footage, after noticing the advancing herd and before ducking for cover behind the crew vehicle.

Bison do not appear in the footage Broxton tweeted Wednesday, which was later shared to Facebook by NBC News Montana (both clips were widely circulated).

Broxton said what made him decide to pack up the camera was when one of the bison looked up and made direct eye contact with him and wouldn't look away. Broxton was hoping the animal might stop and go back to eating grass, but he didn't want to risk anything.

"I've posted amusing videos before, but never gotten a response like this", Broxton told the Baltimore Sun. "I wasn't trying to be on CNN for being killed by a bison". (That's likely way more than a standard broadcast would have earned.) People applauded Broxton's instincts and respect for wild animals, and some confessed they would have reacted the same way in a variety of social contexts. "When you're out in the field sometimes you just get some gems".

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