White House Works On New Coronavirus Guidelines To Classify Counties By Risk

Elias Hubbard
March 27, 2020

Trump wants to begin easing nationwide guidelines meant to stem the coronavirus outbreak.

"To save the cost of 33 salaries, President Trump inflicted devastation on our economy worth $10 trillion, required a bailout that is going to cost upward of $7 trillion and assured millions of human deaths", said Lisa McCormick, a progressive Democrat.

A video meeting of the Group of Seven nations ended Wednesday without a customary joint statement because other foreign ministers wouldn't agree with a demand by Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo, who chaired the meeting, to cite the Wuhan virus, not the coronavirus. States and municipalities would still retain authority to set whatever restrictions deem necessary. Easter is just over two weeks away - April 12. "The "US owe us an explanation", added Zhao". "I have said to be prepared for a couple of months like this".

Also, Trump has vowed to stop calling COVID-19 the "Chinese virus", but he did repeat the term multiple times Thursday and said no one from China has called on the U.S.to stop the blaming rhetoric.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who has floated the possibility that a peak number of cases in the USA would not arrive until around May 1, appeared to dial back public expectations, saying new federal guidelines would allow for "flexibility in different areas".

Levi said the administration should have begun widespread testing, improved medical surveillance systems, begun preparing hospitals and ordered emergency production of masks and ventilators "so we wouldn't be in the hard position we're in today".

In addition to resistance from public health officials, Trump's aggressive timeline also faces practical obstacles. The guidelines, issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are voluntary, but many state and local leaders have issued mandatory restrictions in line with, or even tighter than, those issued by the CDC.

"The U.S.is not like China". "That's only fake news, and I like Tom Brady, spoke to him the other day, and he's a great guy". Trump said in a subsequent interview. These might include measures like restricting travel to and from states with a high number of infections, or conditioning federal aid to states based on their degree of compliance with federal policy.

Trump, appearing to allude to the forthcoming guidelines, promised that there would be new favourable "statistics" and "facts" coming from the federal government in the next two days.

However, he walked back his initial push for a broad reopening of America by Easter - in less than three weeks - after criticism in Congress, the media and among some health professionals, who argue that patience is needed to take the momentum out of the coronavirus' spread. "He can't countermand state and local governments, which have significant "police power" to deal with its citizens' health, welfare, and morals".

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