‘Doctor Who’ Star Jodie Whittaker Offers An "Emergency Transmission" On The Pandemic

Lawrence Kim
March 26, 2020

Although Doctor Who just aired the finale of its 12th season earlier this month, it is scheduled to air a special episode - "Revolution of the Daleks" - over the holiday season. If anyone knows about being in a tough spot, it's certainly The Doctor. So it is that the 13th Doctor, aka Jodie Whittaker, has sent an "emergency transmission" to offer some hope. The message begins with her saying a simple "Oh, hi!" as if she simply didn't see us there.

In the clip, Thirteen says the TARDIS detected some psychological signals from somewhere in space and time, which basically means that there are some anxious people in the universe. Luckily, she explains all that sci-fi babble for the rest of us. "Basically, I think somebody somewhere might be a little bit anxious". "I'm actually just self-isolating - or as I like to call it, hiding - from an army of Sontarans".

The whole thing's a fascinating, short read, and perfectly fits into some of the first moments of series 11-and that's something you're probably going to want to check out. They are very militaristic clones from the planet Sontar. Despite imminent danger, she gives viewers five tips to get through any situation that causes worry or panic. But Whittaker reminds us 1) Remember, you will get through this; 2) Tell jokes. Even if it looks uncertain, even if you're anxious, darkness never prevails. 2. Two, tell jokes, even bad ones, especially bad ones, I'm brilliant at bad ones. The Doctor goes on to advise everyone to "be kind" and "look out for each other". Look out for your friends, your neighbors, people you hardly know, and family. Her fourth piece of advice is to "listen to science and listen to doctors" because "they've got your back". "With people staying home, and families stuck together, I thought maybe a few little presents from Doctor Who might help".

Jodie Whittaker has an important message for fans who are social distancing amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: Be kind, and listen to science. One fan on Twitter says "this was lovely" and thanks whoever organized it.

The actress, 37, transformed into the Thirteenth Doctor for a reassuring video shared onto Twitter by BBC America on Wednesday, in which her character helped those who "might be a little bit worried" given current circumstances.

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