Coronavirus: Obama joins Stephen Curry's talk with Dr. Fauci

Ruben Hill
March 27, 2020

Former President Barack Obama made his presence known in the Instagram live chat by posting a waving emoji, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Though he explained that not every part of the United States should take the same approach with regard to lockdowns. As Fauci put it, "You need to see the trajectory of the curve start to come down".

Some other prominent names who joined the stream include Justin Bieber and Curry's former Warriors' teammate Andre Iguodala.

Curry and Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, discussed COVID-19 for more than 30 minutes in an effort to bring accurate information to a different "demographic", Curry said.

Curry also asked the expert how the virus differs from the flu and if someone can contract the virus a couple of times, but Fauci said there is not enough data.

While it is true that the elderly and those suffering from conditions like lung disease and diabetes have a far greater risk of dying, some young people who have contracted it have also become very sick, he said. The overall mortality of the coronavirus is around 1%. "Sometimes, like in China, it was up to 2 to 3 percent, which means it's at least 10 times more serious than the typical influenza".

During Thursday's interview on Clutch Sports, Fauci explained that the National Basketball Association could not safely return until the number of coronavirus cases begins dropping significantly.

In medical terms, Fauci mentioned that the "general rule" is to have two cultures, 24 hours apart, that test negative, but said that as more people get infected that likely is not going to be feasible. "They went up and down and are starting to get back to some normal life", Fauci told Curry. You could probably identify people, contact-trace and get them out of circulation, where as in New York City, it's doing what's called mitigation, trying to prevent as best you can, the spread.

"There's a dichotomy between people who are frightened to death and people who don't even believe it", Fauci said. "I want to get rid of that misconception that there's extremes, either the world is gonna end or we don't want to do anything. It isn't that, it's somewhere in the middle".

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