Cancellation of Monaco Grand Prix "hurts" Ricciardo

Ruben Hill
March 26, 2020

While admitting the early hits to the Formula 1 season from the COVID-19 pandemic have been painful, Daniel Ricciardo is trying to keep an optimistic view toward racing in 2020, whenever it does get underway.

Monaco's cancellation was verified last Thursday, noting the very first time considering that 1954 the principality will certainly not organize a grand prix.

The first eight rounds of the F1 season have been postponed, but Monaco immediately confirmed it would not be able to host the race at a different time and so would not be on this year's calendar.

With most nations now implementing self-isolation and also lockdown on the general public, F1 chauffeurs have actually returned residence where they proceed with their training programs.

Speaking in a Q&A on Renault's Instagram on Wednesday, Ricciardo said that while he was not yet thinking too much on when he would return to racing, the news of Monaco's cancellation had been particularly bitter. I know it's probably going to be a while till we race again, but I'm not allowing myself to go back into holiday mode.

"I watched an onboard of Monaco last night and got a little sad".

"They had a spare on the side, it's a bit of an older one but they leave it on the farm so I can build things and be a kid".

"They're all going to hurt, for sure, Melbourne being so close as well. The reality is setting in, unfortunately".

Ricciardo's victory at Monte Carlo's famous race in 2018 was the seventh and most recent grand prix of his F1 career so far.

"I'm thinking of qualifying last because I think T1 is going to be mayhem!" he joked.

Where the first race of the season will be held is still unclear.

"I'll just watch it all unfold, and then I'll lead the first lap. I'll placed it on post and also willingly begin last!"

Ricciardo has actually been publishing routine video clips on social networks of his training getaways in Australia as he remains to function from another location with efficiency trainer Michael Italiano.

'I feel like now it's kind of flawless to get in shape because we're forced to stay in, so there's no jet lag, there's no airports, we can really create a real training camp, which we don't always have.

"Training is definitely the thing that's keeping me with that competitive mindset".

"You get some anger out when you train so that's my medicine for now".

"I assume you're visiting a great deal of chauffeurs and also individuals as a whole, whenever this mores than, all rather in shape I really hope".

"We're forced to stay in, there's no jet lag, there's no airports, we can really create like a training camp which we don't always have".

'So it's been nice knowing that we've got time, we don't have to rush it.

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