Bill Gates says coronavirus shutdowns could last up to 10 weeks

Elias Hubbard
March 27, 2020

During the TED Connects online broadcast, Gates said, "The United States missed this opportunity". "Everyone should focus their attention on January", Gates added.

"In the Chinese case, it was like six weeks, so we have to prepare ourselves for that and do it very well", Mr Gates said.

It is just that, given how deadly the COVID-19 virus is, "that there is really no middle ground", and he reiterated his view that blindsided with a shutdown between six and 10 weeks should be sufficient to stamp out community spread of the virus long enough to its healthcare system to manage the influx of infected patients.

"It's very tough to say to people, 'Hey keep going to restaurants, go buy new houses, ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner, we want you to keep spending because there's some politician that thinks GDP growth is what counts", Gates explained. "In his new remarks on Tuesday", Gates said the USA missed its shot to avoid dealing with an economically calamitous shutdown and the only way to reach the other side of the is to take our lumps and really participate in a broad-based shutdown - not a succession of half-measures in certain locales, while others react strongly to the virus.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has put up $100 million for programs to fund testing and science around the pandemic, and he has begun using his public profile, too, to shape the coronavirus conversation.

Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has condemned President Donald Trump's plan to lift restrictions on the U.S. economy by Easter, saying "we have no choice" but to maintain total isolation. "Testing has got to be organised, it's got to be prioritised, that is super, super urgent".

While Gates understands the devastating economic effects of a prolonged lockdown, he believes that people's lives are worth more than mere money. They have the financial means to weather the storm and not be impacted in any meaningful way. However, the average worker, many of whom live paycheck-to-paycheck, does not have such a luxury.

What is the World Economic Forum doing about the coronavirus outbreak? The economic, not to mention emotional and societal impact, of so many jobs lost will be huge. Today, facing the world, and the Covid-19 is a virus that is very contagious and is also rapidly spreading. Despite such numbers, the economy of the United States was not shut down during that pandemic. With approximately 600 deaths and almost 50,000 cases across all 50 states. The number of cases is sure to go up as more testing is done.

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