Andrew Cuomo says NY coronavirus hospitalisations higher than expected

Elias Hubbard
March 26, 2020

In response, both the governor and the White House have been in talks to fast-track the manufacturing of ventilators among private companies or to purchase them outside the U.S. The New York governor offered brief praise of Kushner as a fellow New Yorker who has been crucial to helping the state accelerate the production of ventilators for coronavirus patients in intensive care units. Asked if the USA might become the pandemic's new epicentre, World Health Organization spokeswoman Margaret Harris said in Geneva: "We are now seeing a very large acceleration in cases in the USA, so it does have that potential".

"New York City only gets $1.3 billion from this package - that is a drop in the bucket as to need", Cuomo said.

New York's governor on Wednesday said there were tentative signs that restrictions were slowing the spread of the coronavirus in his state, even as the public health crisis deepened in hard-hit New Orleans and other parts of the United States.

Mr Cuomo said the single greatest challenge now was the number of ventilators.

Overall, more than 30,000 people have tested positive for coronavirus in New York, including 17,856 cases in New York City, the country's largest and most densely populated city. "And on behalf of NY, I said we will be 100 percent helpful".

According to Politico, the Department for Homeland Security has been briefed that New York City's morgues are nearing capacity because of the number of coronavirus victims.

Democrats, including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, earlier criticized the Republican president for suggesting he would reopen the nation's economy by Easter in order to spare businesses as much pain as possible.

New Yorkers are now restricted from going out, but they are allowed to go shopping for food and other essentials.

"FEMA says, 'we're sending 400 ventilators.' Really?" The state's nearly 20 million residents have been confined to their homes since Cuomo ordered all non-essential businesses closed on Sunday.

Just over half the USA population is now under stay-at-home orders as the authorities around the country seek to stem the spread of the virus. New York, the state with by far the most infections and deaths, was given such status last weekend as well as California and Washington state.

New York City, densely packed home to more than 8 million people, had 157 deaths and some 15,000 cases of coronavirus, almost one-third the US total and more than half the country's new cases on Tuesday, despite imposing strict limits on travel, socializing and work.

Cuomo believes the high number of cases in the city is partly because it is a worldwide travel destination, and partly due to its density. "In reality, in my opinion, no government Task Force would be empowered to recommend the state spend 1/2 a billion dollars on something that there was no immediate need for".

Projections on Sunday showed hospitalizations from the new illness, which causes the COVID-19 disease, doubling every two days.

The Jacob Javits Center - a landmark convention center in midtown Manhattan - is being repurposed as a temporary hospital for Covid-19, along with four other sites selected by the army corps of engineers. But those new facilities will only inject a few thousand hospital beds into the wider network. "It is spiking. The apex is higher than we thought, and the apex is sooner than we thought. That is a bad combination of facts".

According to the 2015 report, hospitals would rely on "triage committees", or teams of doctors, to choose which patients would receive ventilator treatment during a shortage, weighing which patients were most at risk and which were most likely to survive treatment.

"I would not follow that", Zucker said.

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