Keto Diet and Vaping

Elias Hubbard
February 28, 2020


The Ketogenic diet has received increased attention over recent years. People are opting for this diet due to the health and weight loss benefits they receive from it. The advocates for Keto back their beneficial claims with scientific studies. They show that a high-fat and low-carb diet is an effective way of losing weight and is beneficial for people with epilepsy and diabetes.

On the other hand, vaping entails inhaling and exhaling of aerosol or vapor from an e-cigarette. The practice has gained popularity because it is considered to be safer than smoking. This is because it does not involve burning tobacco, thus there are significantly fewer toxins produced.

Pros of Keto Diet and Vaping

Keto diet and vaping practices have the following pros:

·        A Keto diet has less carbohydrates, thus the body turns to fat to produce energy. For that reason, your body lose fat very quickly.

·        The high fat content reduces inflammation that causes nerve pain in your brain, thus enhancing brain functionality.

·        The diet eliminates feelings of hunger and cravings because the meals leave the consumer satisfied. Further cutting the intake of carbohydrates to 25 grams reduces sugar intake.

·        E-cigarettes allow one to vary their nicotine intake so they are safer alternative for those trying to quit smoking.

·        Vaping is less risky for smokers suffering from asthma.

·        Vaping emits less toxic substances into the environment.

Are you wondering where you can buy your vaping supplies? Well, do not worry because they are readily available from an e-cigarette shop in your town or even from online vendors.


Some of the disadvantages of vaping and ketogenic diet include:

·        The diet limits the consumption of fruits and starchy vegetables that provide fiber, minerals, and vitamins that are needed to stay healthy.

·        Ketogenic diet can contribute to the risk of eating disorders because it categorizes certain foods as off limits.

·        There is a higher possibility of developing kidney stones due to lack of fiber.

·        E-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is an addictive compound that can cause a smoker to plunge back to smoking

·        Vaping is not totally safe as it may cause irritation in the breathing system and pose health risks.

Combining Keto Diet Plan and Vaping

You may be wondering whether the two options are a match made in heaven. Supporters of the two options state that they squash sugar cravings because the body burns fat to produce energy. The diet reduces weight and the overall levels of body fat. The plan helps you to avoid sugary foods like candy and chocolate.

On the other hand, vaping allows someone to use different juice flavors. However, it combines well with a Ketogenic diet because there is no use of carbohydrates. The sugar in this e-juices can’t be digested because it serves as sweetener, thus it can’t be compared with eating sweets. It also allows you to vape flavors that you can’t consume in your diet because you’re a Keto diet adherent.

The two practices are fairly new in the market and therefore there is limited research on certain aspects of these two options. As such, there is a need for more research.


The Keto diet is popular because it helps in weight loss and eliminates the craving for sugar. On the other hand, vaping allows the use of e-cigarettes that do not involve burning tobacco. However, it can allow you to vape different flavors of e-juice that have sweeteners other than sugar. Therefore, the two options can be combined since is contains no carbohydrates.


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