Baboon escapes in Sydney on way to vasectomy

Elias Hubbard
February 27, 2020

Several of the animals were seen near the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown, which is is adjacent to the University of Sydney in the city's inner west.

"I thought I had seen everything - but a baboon threesome hightailing around RPA hospital like there is no tomorrow?" said New South Wales health minister Brad Hazzard.

She said baboons at the facility had been used in "important biomedical research" in Australia for at least 30 years and it was only justified where there was "no alternative".

Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi posted a short, sharp statement on Twitter.

A long-running petition calling on the federal government to end medical experiments on primates has grown to more than 66,000 signatures in the wake of the failed escape bid.

In a research paper published last May, experiments were conducted on pregnant baboons at the lab in an attempt to find new treatment options for pre-eclampsia, a medical complication affecting up 10 per cent of human pregnancies.

The health minister said the baboons should be awake and well a few hours.

Yes. Much of the hype around this particular incident has focused on this 2016 article which revealed taxpayer funds have been dedicated to an animal experimentation program.

The trio escaped through a truck door while being transported to the hospital.

The females were brought along for the journey in hopes of providing the male moral support during his surgery, 9 News reported.

According to Hazzard, the male baboon was scheduled for a vasectomy to prevent him from "constantly breed [ing] within the troupe" because it would create genetic problems.

'He can stay there with his family without having any more babies which could be problematic'.

Dramatic pictures captured the primates wandering on Missenden Road.

Another person called in to say her daughter and daughter's colleagues had also been chasing the animals, saying: "My daughter is an occupational therapist at RPA and she said, "yes mum, I've just helped wrangle them".

In the video, witnesses can be heard saying that they could see one of the animals' tails appearing from the ceiling before it jumps down.

The baboons were from a colony that has been used for medical research in "a whole range of areas", including reproductive issues, kidney disease and gestational diabetes, he told the outlet.

NSW Police say a group of baboons that were on the loose outside a Sydney hospital escaped from a nearby research facility.

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