'The Flash' Introduces Sue Dearborn, Who Has Close Connection to Ralph Dibney

Lawrence Kim
February 20, 2020

"You're Eva McCulloch, but you're supposed to be dead", says a very confused Iris (Candice Patton).

Warning: this review contains full spoilers for The Flash: Season 6, Episode 12.

The Flash continued where we left on, with Iris still trapped in the mirror while Barry unknowingly spends time with the mirror version of herself. Nonetheless, Eva shows some...we could name it mastery over mirrors, reassembling it along with her beforehand untapped meta powers. She was sent crashing into and through the mirror along with dark matter. Being alone all this time has pushed Eva a bit of nutty, however Iris insists they will get out, recalling how Crew Flash defeated authentic Mirror Grasp Sam Scudder by bringing his mirrors to absolute zero with liquid nitrogen. Afterward, Sue suggests that they act now with the key, by breaking into the bank. Ralph thanks her for her interest but would rather go it lone wolf-style. He's about to go in when a woman races out and tackles him just as the apartment explodes.

It's Sue Dearbon (Natalie Dreyfuss). Barry tells her no because it's too risky, especially if it falls into the wrong hands. If the comics are our information (they usually aren't all the time, essentially), that is exclusively a short lived setback, however even after Ralph saves Sue once more by stretching his hand into an enormous bulletproof protect, she nonetheless takes off with the diamond. Ralph thinks they should go to the police, but she's sure he has cops on his payroll. This episode even seems to acknowledge 2004's hugely controversial Identity Crisis by pitting Sue against a character called John Loring (presumably a riff on Sue's former BFF-turned-killer Jean Loring), while completely flipping the script on that rivalry. Mainly, I'm attempting to provide you with a manner for this extra assertive Iris to stay round, if potential. Once the mirror is fixed, Iris is able to see Barry by himself. Barry asks why and Joe confesses he has suspicions about an insider working with the person committing crimes.

Later, the unlikely duo case the office of Sue's ex, Loring.

They then did the unthinkable. "I can't see the guy he was in Season 4 meeting Sue Dearborn and that becoming what you know it needs to become".

Iris and Eva freeze the mirror and it breaks into pieces. Right here's hoping that, because the season continues, we get a greater thought of not simply the place these mirror clones come from, however what they need, how they in some way characterize different items of their actual selves, and whether or not these items can ever be totally mixed. Of course, she may be a part of Iris, but she is not the Iris that he really knows.

As for Iris' clone, she is still looking into the mysterious Black Hole.

Barry tells Joe about Iris' investigation, including the mirror gun, and Joe tells him that if they can't trust anyone else, the only people they can truly trust is family.

While they talk, Nash keeps seeing Harry Wells from Earth-2. Ralph's growing bond with Sue helps highlight his character arc and just how much he's grown over the past three seasons. Is there something brewing between Sue and Ralph? Light torched Iris' newspaper's office.

Joe confesses several cases of accidental deaths he's given a second look don't appear to be accidental. All the victims are associated with a man named Joseph Carver.

Barry reveals Iris is already investigating Carver and wanted the mirror gun but he didn't give it to her fearing it was too unsafe. But then, she somehow manages to cause one of the glass shards to fly into her hands, making Iris realize that Eva has a connection to the mirror. Nearly everything she told him was a lie. She makes her escape, telling Ralph she will keep his secret if he doesn't say a word. She claims she has evidence that could put Loring away for a long time.

The shooting stops and Ralph and Sue discover the thugs have been knocked out by Ultraviolet (Alexa Barajas) who hits Ralph with a ray and knocks him across the room.

Ultraviolet leaves but Loring and his thugs get up to take out Ralph.

The next day at S.T.A.R. Labs Ralph tells Barry and Iris all about Sue and how she played him. Ralph expresses his reservations, yet is coaxed into helping, as long as Sue promises to deliver the ledger to his pals at the CCPD after. Iris instead sneaks into the Starchives and has just found the gun when she bumps into Nash.

The last scene shows Sue holding the very large diamond and scanning it.

The new episode of The Flash sees Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) searching still for his missing client, Sue Dearbon (Natalie Dreyfuss), and he finally finds her. Her absence, along with Carlos Valdes as Cisco, is felt greatly. She has lost all hope at this point of getting out of this predicament, despite Iris trying to figure out a way to escape.

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