Mars Will Be Hiding Behind the Moon Before the Dawn On Tuesday

James Marshall
February 19, 2020

And the agency has more recently put out a call to industry for input on both human-rated and robotic rovers to support its Moon and Mars goals, so we'll hear from Administrator Bridenstine more about the public-private partnerships that are involved in both endeavors.

For those in the east, the occultation will commence shortly after the local sunrise, but it may be possible to watch Mars move behind the Moon with a telescope or a good pair of binoculars. During an eclipse, the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up. The lunar occultation is rare because an event like this happens only if the alignment of the planet and the lunar orbit are different.

We are starting 2020 with a rare event in space, a lunar occultation.

Much of the western and central United States and Canada will have the best show tonight with the chance to see Mars disappear behind the moon's bright limb and reappear out from the moon's darkened region just before dawn.

Exact times of visibility will vary depending on location, but the lunar occultation will be more hard to see in the eastern USA, where it will already be daylight. This information is available for the Eastern Coast of the US, while the people from the central time, the view will be better. People in central time will have a better view, while the west coast will possibly have the best view of the occultation. However, Mars' reappearance from behind the moon's dark limb can be rather more observable as a result of the moon will probably be increased above the horizon, and the planet will not be washed out by the crescent's brilliant glare. All that will be needed is a clear view low in the southeast sky to see it.

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